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COVID-19: Our Response to the Outbreak
New: Translate SMS chats, Find untagged chats, Merge tickets
AI Suggested Responses: Improving The Customer Experience
Tag, You're It! - Win the Customer Service Game with Auto Tagging
Chats by Chat Window and Canned Responses Stats Reports
NEW: Terminate chats with time delay, automatic messages for idle chat sessions
Tracking Conversions influenced by Live Chat and Email Support interactions
Facebook Integration

Facebook Integration

Feb 05, 2018

LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software allows companies of all sizes to interact with their customers via Live Chat, SMS/Text, Email ,…

New report: Tickets by Source

New report: Tickets by Source

Jan 10, 2018

Ever wonder what percentage of support tickets your account receives comes from email and how many via Twitter or Facebook…

Security incident Nov 23rd, 2017

Security incident Nov 23rd, 2017

Nov 25, 2017

BETHLEHEM, PA – LiveHelpNow?has identified a cybersecurity incident in which an attacker was able to compromise one of our CDN…

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